R&R Elixir

R&R Elixir

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This R&R (Rest and Recuperation) elixir is made up of 5 super oils and 0 fillers. Each ingredient is there to deposit and lock in moisture. Not to mention it smells like a dozen roses. (not recommended if you have a nut-allergy)

Recommend use: 3-5 drops after washing your face, for day and night time use


Sweet Almond Oil is the main ingredient and has benefits like anti-inflammatory, help with fine lines and wrinkles, antibacterial, reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles and help reverse sun damaged skin. Also has been known to help with uv protection so it's a great morning moisturizer before you go out for the day!


Rosehip Seed Oil is another main ingredient which can help with reducing acne, anti-aging, reduce stretch marks, evens out skin tone, helps relieve itchy/irritated skin.


Jojoba Oil has amazing benefits like cleaned clogged pores, moisturizing, antibacterial and controls skin sebum.


Rose Essential Oil not only smells amazing but can prevent infections, treats acne, high in antioxidants and the smell itself is known to reduce stress.


Vitamin E Oil works perfectly with all the other ingredients and gives them all a push to perform at their best. This oil enhances the longevity of the moisture and serves as an extra barrier for the skin.